Engineering and
Perfecting Your Vision

Looking for the right guy to build your thing? Well you've arrived at the right place. There is no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Why Work Together


Through thorough work across a wide spectrum of tools and technologies, I have acquired great competence in software craftsmanship. There are, however, areas that require a completely different skill set; in those cases I will explain to you exactly what needs to be done and introduce you to valuable contacts with the right expertise. I am the expert that you can rely on.


Receive unmatched support. I will rapidly adapt to your systems and needs. Proper support is an extremely valuable service. You will be getting not only technical and marketing support, but also leadership and strategic support. I always go out of my way to do the best work for my clients. Fast-forward yourself in the right direction and be free to look up and out to our next step.


Privacy is of primordial importance, especially in this era of unmatched espionage. It goes without saying that I will not disclose any information that isn't intended to be public. In my contacts page, I’ve put a list of ways you can contact me, and if you need absolute privacy (or onions) I recommend contacting me via Protonmail. I also accept crypto payments.

An inclusive list of Expertise

DEVELOPMENT: Cloud-Native, Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development

OPERATIONS: Continuous Integration and Development, Cybersecurity, Automation

LEADERSHIP CONSULTING: Assessments, Training, Strategic Advising

Interested in being part of the currently forming consulting company? Contact me for details.

What I Offer


Building. Altering. Improving. Craftsmanship means utilizing my full skillset to accomplish something beautiful, performant, and effective. Together we can shape ideas into reality, and deeply impact environments. The importance is and always will be the creation, the growth, and the perfection of technologies and systems, and we will see it done.


Automating. Consulting. Perfecting. Once you have an organism running, it's primordial that you solidify its stability, mainstream its maintenance and integration processes, and give your leadership the mindset to win. When you are too deep in your project, it is often easier to miss details that cause internal friction and slow down your processes; this is why technical and leadership consulting can be so beneficial: it can fix and correct the internal gears of your organization in such a way that will propel you towards your goals.

About me

I am a warrior, an architect, and a philosopher. I have a Master's Degree in Engineering, established by France. I have lived and studied in numerous European countries and can speak and think in several culturally diverse languages. Constantly seeking to improve is a second nature for me, so I'm always on the hunt for knowledge and novelty. I specialize in creation, optimization, and leadership and I enjoy working on high-impact projects with many moving parts.